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Travel Assistance for Medical Care and Flight Sources

National Patient Air Transport HELPLINE: 1-800-296-1217
Angel Flights: 1-800-296-1217
Angel Flight America: 1-800-446-1231
Air LifeLine: 1-877-AIRLIFE
Air Care Alliance: 1-918-745-0384
Corporate Angel Network: 1-800-328-4226
Hope Air (CANADA): 1-877-346-4673
Mercy Medical Airlift: 1-800-296-1191
Miracle Flights for Kids: 1-702-261-0494
Continental Care Force: 1-281-261-6626 (Bob Jack)
Delta SkyWish: 1-877-327-8211
American Airlines Miles For Kids in Need: 1-817-963-8118
Southwest Airlines (Civic and Charitable Contributions Dept): 1-214-792-4103

Air Travel

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